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Eyden Kegel Ball Set - Three Piece

Eyden Kegel Ball Set - Three Piece

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Take pride in your sexual health and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with the Eyden Kegel Ball Set. Ideal for anyone wanting a pelvic muscle workout, these Kegel balls can be used from the comfort and safety of your own home. The sleek silicone casing of these Kegel balls provides a touch of luxury to an intimate product, and when used with water-based lubricant allows for easy, breezy insertion. The long, looped cords on each ball mean that retrieval is just as easy!

Eyden Kegel Ball Set - Product Specifications:
Small Egg:
Egg length: 1.4 Inch (3.6 cm)
Total length: 4.6 Inch (11.8 cm)
Egg diameter: 1.4 Inch (3.6 cm)
Weight: 35g

Medium Egg:
Egg length: 2.8 Inch (7 cm)
Total length: 6.2 Inch (15.8 cm)
Egg diameter: 1.2 Inch (3 cm)
Weight: 62g

Large Egg:
Egg length: 3.2 Inch (8 cm)
Total length: 6.5 Inch (16.5 cm)
Egg diameter: 1.3 Inch (3.2 cm)
Weight: 93.6g

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